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Are your ‘high potentials’ fit for the future?

High performers stand out in any organisation. They consistently exceed expectations but not all have the potential (or desire) to succeed in a higher-level role, or to tackle more advanced work.

Those that do are high potentials but they can be difficult to identify because whilst all high potentials are high performers, not all high performers are high potentials.

Mistaking a high-performing employee for a high-potential employee can be costly, highlighting a common and significant gap in the ability to identify, develop and retain top talent.

Closing this gap is crucial and can be a key challenge for any organisation.

In a context where ‘high potentials’ are your next generation of business leaders, how do you:

  • Correctly identify, develop and retain them?
  • Assess how well they deliver against key predictors of high performance?
  • Benchmark them vs. those in other leading organisations?

To address the needs of today’s complex, fast paced world, your high potentials will need to demonstrate agility in 3 key areas to deliver sustained success:

How can these agilities be developed and assessed effectively?

The Kinetic Leadership Academy blends high-level Corporate expertise and processes with the speed and action-orientation of Special Forces thinking. Activities are run by expert practitioners from both settings, providing an unrivalled combination of insights and experience.

Our experiential approach, built upon real-world best practices is designed to to engage and empower your employees to develop significantly improved leadership capabilities, and the tools to better deliver against the needs of their teams, customers and stakeholders.

As an opportunity to preview and experience the value it delivers firsthand, we invite your top talent to attend a one day event presented in collaboration with the Centre for Army Leadership, Sandhurst.

Participants will leave energised and with greater clarity of their individual strengths and development needs. To book, click through to the form below or contact one of our team leaders directly via email:

Sean Harris

Tim Seager

Attendance is offered at an exclusive trial rate of CHF 500.